A friend who cruised the 5/60/10 junctions lamented the demise of Breed Street’s al vapor cart for nearly a year after the whole thing shut down thanks to annoying gaggle of food bloggers who insisted on “discovery” shit which fed innumerable Mexican families. Reality check: Breed St ran well and fine unless us fucktards hit it with a fag of SLRs.

Tacos estilo guadalajara Downey

Luckily, there were al vapor restaurants before the Breed Street scene, and there are al vapor restaurants after the Breed Street scene died. Tacos estilo Guadalajara happens to be a small outfit with two solid operations, the older of which is in Lynwood. Yes, THAT Lynwood. As corrupt as this city’s corrupt is, it’s difficult to believe Tacos estilo Guadalajara is still serving tacos, no matter how small, for one dollar and ten cents. They used to be a dollar when the second branch opened. The tacos have never been large, but I can always count on doing a flight of beefy head parts for < $4 out the door.

tacos estillo Guadalajara

There are a couple of al vapor joints in the (323) an (562) area codes, but Tacos estila Guadalajara has a killer habanero salsa that’s fit for a pepper eating contest. Usually, I like to go with the combination of cabeza cachete and labio. Sometimes, when I’m feeling rich, I’d go all out and spend an extra extra for a lengua taco. A couple of neighbors tell me they enjoy the labio the least, since it has almost zilch flavor. I tend to agree. Three “con todo” tacos here make me feel very obese, even if the corn tortillas are merely 4″ in diameter. No matter how I try, al vapor is just not my platonic ideal of eating beef. Everything comes out a bit mushy, all the parts comingle in flavor after three tacos.

Still, if and when one feels like a chopped taco steamed beef taco, Tacos Estilo Guadalajara, especially the newer Downey branch, is a clean, quick, and rather comforting offer. Unless you accidentally drown your place in the habanero salsa. Then you might hurt for hours. At least the signage in the salsa bar clearly warns you in plain English.

Also, check out the awesome bathroom keychain holder… Pretty sure Church and Key needs that.

Tacos Estilo Guadalajara
13121 Lakewood Blvd
Downey, CA 90242



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