Bebe Fusion is legit as hell. While they’re completely unrelated to the famous restaurant in Taiwan, 王品, there are actually several Wongs in the kitchen. I’ve been visiting since they were the dinky hole in the wall on Valley Blvd, and I followed them to Garvey, and then I quit ’em when they opened their third effort in Arcadia. Cause seriously? Has anyone tried driving up to Arcadia via local streets on a Friday night? EFF THAT NOISE Arcadia. I’ved lived in you, but I don’t want to see you any more.

bebe fusion Alhambra

Thankfully, Bebe Fusion’s Monica Wu reopened at (an extremely hidden) location in Alhambra last summer, and we fell in love all over again. I’m also a bit smittened with Monica’s daughter Belinda. She’s sassy and talks back. I love it because she’s all about her family’s economy and there’s supreme pride in the work, just like at Chengdu Taste. They’re not afraid of charging $50 for live dungeness crab. They’re not afraid to give you a little freebie, but they’ll let you know you’re special when it happens.

And the stinky tofu? Oh my fucking god. Even though they’re both good, don’t get the fried versions, don’t get the basil stir fried version:

Bebe Fusion stir fried stinky tofu fries

Go OG. Go all out and funk out the whole dining room:

bebe fusion stinky tofu

More than just some smelly shtick, Bebe Fusion’s entire existence is about bringing modern Taiwanese cuisine to those who can finally afford to eat like the Taiwanese after 20 years of living stateside. Of course the oyster omelette is available here, but it’s available with fresh oysters, therefore making the dish $10, the most expensive o ah jian in America. It is beyond delicious:


Want a little Benihana showmanship with a side of shrimp? The wine dunked shrimp will provide it:

bebe fusion flaming drunken shrimp
The kaoliang wine infused broth is lit afire at the table, and sits on top of a portable stove so there’s fire on top of fire. 10 minutes of burning later, the fire department is none the wiser, and there is beautiful medicine broth full of shrimpiness.

Simple preps Bebe Fusion do not falter. The smoked goose is salty and tender:

bebe fusion oysters

And the salt and peppers fried oysters modeled after the ever popular Taiwanese popcorn chicken
bebe fusion oysters

Any of the traditional Taiwanese “3-cup” preparations are good, but the cuttlefish is especially good when braised with a bucket of garlic and ginger.

Bebe Fusion: fit for a Chinese any day? Probably. Fit for a Jew on Christmas? Definitely.

Bebe Fusion
** Shares parking with Paul Mitchell School
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  • DanielWB

    This looks delicious. Will go ASAP. I presume the stinky tofu is 100 times more intense than Rowland Height’s Stinky Tofu King’s fried style…and speaking of passion, I was pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous cold table at Yun Chuan Garden on Garvey in Monterey Park. Main dishes also very good – not chef-driven like Chengdu Taste, but tasty classics.
    -Daniel Weidman/

  • Yo Mama

    I was loving this place until I ordered the pickled veggie with pork soup. When I told the waitress the broth was not sour at all, she had the kitchen add vinegar to it….. WTF? Everyone knows the sourness comes from the pickled veggie. They do serve some of the best Taiwanese food in LA, but this soup has to be the worst I ever had ever. Did anyone ever have the same experience? I hope that was just a little one time only screw-up because I am taking a few friends there this Friday.

  • sinosoul

    wow. wtf. odd. you’d think they’d get the classics right when they’re doing fancy schmancy new-age Taiwanese dishes. thanks for chiming in.

  • Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was looking for!

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