Fortune No 1 Back doorThere will be no top 10 this year, simply because there weren’t that many amazing restaurants that I haven’t covered.

El Coraloense was just an amazing find. I wish more people would go down there and check out the Curie family. They’re doing great simple things that LA deserves, and they’re doing it consistently. The Bellflower branch is open until 3:00 A.M., so they’re also contrarians because Mexicans apparently don’t dig seafood after sun set. I like culinary contrarians.

Without a doubt, Chengdu Taste was my go-to for dinner since opening. I’ve written on it plenty of times, and the Eater piece was a good guide for n00bs. Unfortunately, doesn’t do food porn, so for dish photos, click to the previous posts.

One of the restaurants that I really really fell in love with this year, even though it opened a few years ago, was Fortune No. 1. This place, run by the Lin sisters (but mostly just one sister) flip-flopped pretty hard during opening, but they found their stride by ditching the congee morning menu. The current carb driven menu isn’t just another rendition of the dumpling shop everyone has come to expect, and detest, in the SGV. It’s really all about the bao here.

I wrote about the restaurant for Eater as well, but couldn’t provide photos, so here they are:

fortune no 1 bao, chive pockets, guo zi, dumpling

Per the post on, the chive pockets are just literal bargains at $3 for two. And per, this place can still be an absolute clusterfuck in the way a only a mom and pop shop in SGV can be. Just the other day, they “forgot” my oder by letting another take-out customer “steal” my food. I didn’t pay for it, but I also left hungry after standing around for 10 minutes. I really wish they’d “care” a bit more, but they just don’t give a fuck. And I kinda love them for it, despite being really annoyed several times this year.

Fortune No. 1
Monterey Park, CA somewhere.

Next up: Aga, Cerritos



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