El Diablo Taqueria fish ceviche

Mariscos at Vine Swap Meet

Mariscos El Diablo
4501 South Alameda St.
Los Angeles, CA 90058


Apache Tacos

Apache Tacos Boyle Heights

Al Carbon tacos in East LA. Just because it’s made in East LA doesn’t mean it’s tasty. These carne asada tacos, grilled instead of griddled, were nothing but grizzle and tears. They were cheap, and they were cheaply made. O wait! They’ve closed? Great!

Apache Tacos
1843 E 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90033


sandwich smith
Sandwich Smith.

Sandwich Smith, Little Tokyo.
Offered corned beef on the specials board, but no rye. I mean, what kind of cook would offer corned beef and no rye bread? A Korean team, of course. The fried chicken sandwich was sad, dry desert. For $9, every sandwich from Claro’s trumps this disaster. For a few dollars more, Mendocino also obliterates the menu here. And the equally expensive fried chicken kale salad? Tough, bland, and carrying the same sad fried chicken breast as the sandwich. What a freaking Little Tokyo tragedy.



Gaju/Kaju, Ktown.

Crappy “home style” Korean food. Everything reeked of MSG and generic gochujiang paste. The panchans were pathetic, and had nothing but vegetables. This place is supposedly known for kimbap, and it’s also supposedly known for dukbboki, AND it’s supposedly known for naeng myeon. What is it actually good for? Absolutely nothing. It used to be in food court, and charged a lot less. Now, the only thing to do with the pathetic kimbap is to dunk it in the dukkboki sauce. Check it out, anyone can be Roy Choi!

Yelp entry 1
Yelp entry 2
Yelp entry 3


Urth, everywhere.
Urth continues to be ladel some the worst food in LA. Their individual cheesecake is OK, as are some of the dessserts. However,the coffee, the brunch items, the eggs, the sandwiches, salads, are only two notches above Denny’s. Really deplorable, especially because they only hire low-wage Latino/Latinas and still claim to use “organic” ingredients. Urth is ugh.


Aladdin’s Kitchen, Buena Park

I don’t even remember what exactly I ate. It what some sort of kafta kebab plate thing. They were bland as American meatball. Again, with Anaheim so close by, and so many great Middle Eastern places on Brookhurst, it is unimaginable Aladdin will survive much longer.


BG’s Kebab, Stanton

Kebab that carried same flavor profile carne asada. With its close proximity to Anaheim, this place is doomed.


Handy Smoked Meats 1
Handy Smoked Meats brisket and pulled pork

Handy’s BBQ, Long Beach

Gave me pounds of cold. No smoke in brisket. Tough. extremely expensive. The Yelp rating is ridiculous. Or perhaps everyone paid for microwaved sandwiches.


Meze, Silver lake

Inedible falafels, bone dry and flavorless chicken kebab. Compared to the best of Glendale, or even the middlings found in Anaheim, this place should just castrate its stoves and start over. Even crazier, it’s website’s tagline states: “Best food in town”. Really!?


Stacked, Cerritos

Beyond overcooked burger; didn’t remove item from bill despite voicing complain to server and manager. To its credit, a VP actually responded to a customer service survey and offered a gift card, so I’m thinking Stacked is the least of the worst in 2013. On the other hand, I will never return for food here again. Maybe some happy hour beers? Or some calorific ice cream sundaes? They seemed half decent.



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