And we’re back on the “blog” like it’s 2007. Because I referenced #2girls1cup today, in addition to spotting a cherry Veedub Corrado and weirdly clean Pinto . Figured it was timely:

Pistachio Kitchen

Pistachio Kitchen has taken over the old Victory French Restaurant which long sat dormant in Monterey Park. The food.. well, the food is a Chiu-Chou/Vietnamese/Canto mess. Looks like there’s pho, there’s cornish hen red rice; there are goi cuon springs roll, and there are HK cafe style dishes. With the standalone footprint, as well as the large parking lot, both translating to higher than average rent, and the amalgamated menu pan Chinese-Vietnamese menu, the lifespan of Pistachio Kitchen, should be just about a year. Maybe 16 months considering the proper green and red colors of the building signage.

580 E Garvey Ave, Monterey Park.

And it begins!!! Come out tonight and try our mouthwatering Churros and aguas frescas! And don't forget to snap a pic and share us on your favorite social media!?? #letusputachurroinyourmouth. We are located at 330 N Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754

A photo posted by Churro Boss (@_churroboss_) on

Monterey Park food truck scene has suddenly blossomed after the temporary closure of Kembo food truck. In addition to the new al pastor specialty truck, Churro Boss soft opened in July as well in front of the Ralph’s on Atlantic, south of the AMC Theatres. Sneaking fresh churros into Chinese import movie is now officially the best Mexi-Chino move one can make on a Saturday night. Their schedule can be found on Facebook as well as Instagram.

 330 N. Atlantic


Shanghai Bistro

Old Shanghai in Rosemead lasted just about a year at this awkward plaza space  squeezed between American fast food and a crappy tea house. The replace is Shanghai Bistro, but the food, according to reports, is more Zhejiang than straight Shanghai. Seriousuly though, the interior still looks like crap, so if you want Dongpo pork belly, head over to Chang’an:

These were the two best @dinela #lunch deals we had. Great environment very good food and generous portions. You're not going to beat $15 anywhere for the huge serving of braised #porkbelly with caramelzed chestnuts and bokchoy! Perfectly fried #tofu cubes. #spicy chicken and fish fillet. Added the $9 jidori fried chicken @sinosoul and we had left overs for later. Definitely coming back#? ?

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7637 Garvey Ave, Rosemead, CA

Rosemead’s Crown Palace had been flipped into Sunshine Seafood. This is still a dimsum house with push carts. The previous iteration of this location lasted less than a year.

7540 Garvey Ave

Cajun House South El Monte

The seafood boil phenomenon, as well as the Chinese kebab rise — think, non-chicken proteins on many, many sticks — just won’t quit the SGV. With the opening of Big Fish, Na Mama, and King Red Crawfish, Cajun House S. El Monte is already the fourth seafood boil opening already this year.

9663 Garvey Ave #208



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