So many restaurant openings in SGV, so little time:

Little Highness Bao

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1.Rowland Heights: Little Highness Bao: I drove by this bao specialty a few times before they opened, but haven’t visited yet. More than dumplings, I like baos. (By the way, dumplings are not baos, nor vice versa), and this place has baos up the wazoo. Daily rotation of nearly a dozen flavors/varieties, including vegan/vegetarian types, are available. All are hand made in house. I’m beyond excited. 18333 Colima

Hexowl, Monterey Park2. (Apparently) due to family obligations, the only third-wave nano-roaster/espresso house has closed in Monterey Park. Good luck with every thing David! De Cafe Barista had a 3.5 year run in a very, very tough neighborhood for coffee shops. Hexowl, which is currently getting ripped apart online, takes over this space inside the massive mixed-use complex. reported the news earlier in August, but the hexowl team says the takeover officially happened August. 500 N Atlantic Blvd Ste 121

Hunan Fire N Spice

3. Alhambra: O Young Rock Pot‘s second outlet proved to be extremely short lived. In less than six months, it quickly shuttered, prior to beer license transfer completion. Hunan Fire N Spice (Coming Out of Your Butthole) opened in August. So far, the Yelp reviews seem very pleasant, but there’s still no news of a second Cha Cha Chili reopening anywhere. 640 W Valley

The Freezin Point

4. The Freezin [sic] Point, a “rolled” Thai-style ice cream shop, has opened next to the Daikokuya in Monterey Park. SGV is so trendy, just like Asia.  I won’t be visiting cause who knows what mysterious milk this place is using? 111 N Atlantic Blvd Ste 244 Monterey Park

Lafunz Hot Pot, Rowland Heights

5. Rowland Heights: Lafunz Hot Pot‘s name in Chinese is actually Old House. Old House is a Chengdu style hot potting joint that’s getting a lot of traction from the local Sichuan’ers. Sadly, it is not in West SGV, but in Rowland Heights. The interior design is by JIS Bros, which has designed many of the “hipper” Chinese restaurants in the last 3 years, including MIAN. 18406 Colima Rd Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Seafood Village Monterey Park

6. Monterey ParkPreviously reported reconstruction of Seafood Village, my fave Chiu Chow seafood joint in all of SGV (because it isn’t lobster driven) and isn’t a gajillion miles away via local roads, is finally boarded up. The fire that took down the restaurant was pretty horrific, and the rebuild will probably last into 2017. 684 W Garvey Ave

Shave Shack

7. Monterey Park: In a complex mostly known for nail parlors right across the parking lot, a Hawaiian shaved ice parlor opened in August. It’s great to see an independent store opening (albeit in an extremely inconspicuous location) when that particular stretch of Atlantic Blvd is being slammed with chains (Panda Express, Blaze, etc). The Shave Shack: 2085 S Atlantic Blvd


Since I’m independent again, unlike Gawker, it should be “OK” to comment on other restaurant/food news pieces. Hopefully I will keep a running tally:

  1. I’m pretty sure beef shank and/or SPAM in your jian bing aren’t “traditional”. You won’t find the 2 meat ingredients at most breakfast crepe stands in China.
  2. NYT’s piece on Oceana false fish labeling report is really fascinating but… Are we just talking about fish that are served at restaurants? Or are they only testing processed fish filet? I mean, when you go to 99 Ranch / H-Mart / fish monger, you see a cat fish in the tank, and it’s a catfish. You see a whole golden pompano on ice, it’s a golden pompano (per below). You see a belt fish, it’s belt fish. Things might get tricky with escolar, grouper, tuna, etc. But man, when I buy milk fish, I know it’s milk fish cuz it looks (and tastes) just like milk fish. Is the whole globe stupid or am I just not getting it?
  3. LA doesn’t lead the cocktail culture, at all. Chicago, and Boston, and probably even Austin are ahead. Two leading factor: 1) DUI 2) 2 A.M. last call. Also, goddamnit, how can you be a proper Cocktail Town when there’s a drought and bartenders don’t automatic serve you a glass of water? Finally, when one of the top cocktail “bar” doesn’t actually have an actual bar for patrons to sit at and ruminate on how unworthy Pappy actualy is…

Thousands of Chinese shop for fish this way all over LA, @chefgavinmills. The grocery stores guts, cleans, butterflies a la minute. No fillets. @santanonicaseafood this ain't.

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