So many openings and so little time:

Boiling Crab Rosemead

Rosemead: Boiling Crab is open in Rosemead and immediately doing gangbusters. I still, til this day, do not understand the appeal of this place. But whatevers — eat that nasty butter shrimp and go to Rose City Pizza for craft beer right around the corner.

101 BBQ and Karaoke

El Monte: 101 BBQ & Karaoke popped up last month in that weird and confusing part of Civic Center. This is a Japanese-style bbq operated by a Chinese team that happens to also own a meat processing company in S. El Monte. I see what you did there. Smart guys! 10631 Valley Mall.

Legendary Restaurant Alhambra

Alhambra: Legendary has opened at the beat-up motel West of Fremont, you know, the place where restaurants go die. The ownership is really ballsy though: they have the gall to open in a beat up motel with no street street access West of Fremont, AND they stole couple chefs from the nearest Sichuan joint down the street. 2718 W Valley Blvd.

Rowland Heights: Chihuo has reported Shufeng opened a Sichuanese hot potting joint right across the old Shufeng (which remains open). It’s called “Old House”, and the stock base looks 1) spicy as F 2) supposedly Chengdu. 18406 Colima Rd

Saigon Restaurant El Monte

El Monte: This city really needs way more restaurants so the locals don’t have to go to Rosemead and San Gabriel to eat. In comes Saigon Restaurant for all your pho needs. It isn’t as cheap as Saigon Noodles & Grill 8 (wth is up with that name), but the menu seems much more focused (and literally not as crappy looking). 4022 Tyler Ave


Dashen Monterey Park

Monterey Park: Dasheng BBQ has opened at the old 101 Dumpling/Big Fish/Bamboo Creek/this-spot-is-doomed-just-stop-it/etc. spot. Name says it all: more Chinese skewers. Yes, there are 2 skewer joints on this stretch of Garvey in Monterey Park already. No, they apparently don’t care, so they start the skewers at $0.60/ea. lols. 331 W Garvey Ave

The killer part of this spot when you google/yelp:


Arcadia: Tsurumaru Udon Honpo a fave in Little Tokyo — has joined Side Chick, Matcha Bar, Uncle Tetsu, etc. at the Arcadia Mall. Yup, still calling the Arcadia Mall. It’s still Arcadia Mall because Mitsuwa will forever be Yaohan. #summer1986. Westfield Santa Anita.

Previously reported: Limerick’s , Summer Roll, have both opened. Limerick’s celebrated its “grand opening” on the 15th, and sports a massive beer lift (craft and industrial). Summer Roll has some crafts, but… these guy are known wage-stealers, so…



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