So many  openings, so little time:

Monterey Park: Kembo, the Taiwanese street food truck that was nailed by a drunk driver in a minivan, is finally back. They have a full size lonchero-style truck now, not just a trailer, and it looks spiffy! Now, on a typical Thursday evening, there is the taco truck, the insanely-priced boba truck, and Kembo. Thank goodness the churros truck is gone. It wasn’t bueno. 330 N Atlantic Blvd

Eaterphant Monterey Park

Monterey Park: Eaterphant (The Thais tell me the silly name is because there’s an Elephant Thai in .. Chino? San Dimas? Or something) took over the dead pizza joint, killed by Blaze, across the street, two weeks ago. This Thai fast-casual restaurant joins the only other Thai restaurant in this stretch of Monterey Park: Thai House (and the associated Thai House Express). Eaterphant’s a a bit massive inside, with counter ordering of a mixed Thai menu. There’s larb, there’s tom kha gai, and there’s even braised pork hock rice. With Thai cooks manhandling the woks, service has been quick, and portions are massive. This place looks like an instant winner. 2201 S Atlantic Blvd #B. 

NADI Myanmar Cafe

Alhambra: West SGV now might have more Burmese restaurant than the rest of the state combined. There’s the lovely Yoma, there’s the also lovely Daw Yee, and as of first week of November, there’s NADI Myamar Cafe. This was the site of the old Indo Kitchen. The menu is concise, but it’s still better than having to chase down oh no khao swe all over residential homes Monterey Park and Rosemead ** wink wink **. Of note, they are NOT open Monday, which I had to find out firsthand when I visited last week. 5 N. 4th St

Snowy Village Monterey Park

Monterey Park: Snowy Village has replaced the the failing Cold Stone as of last Friday, the 11th. This is the 4th location of the Snowy Village Korean chain. Cold Stone was the saddest thing at Atlantic Square, and it was a reminder of the failed policy of the city which forced the developers to maintain “national brands”. Well, five years in, ALL the domestic national brands are dead as the wicked witch. You can force the palate of the people, and the people are: Chinese. 500 N Atlantic #C-118A

QBake San Gabriel

San Gabriel: A “steam pot” concept straight outta China’s food trend play book has hit the city in the form of Fresh QBake. I can not even begin to explain the name, as steaming is not baking, and baking isn’t nearly as popular as steaming, nor does baking exude the much loved “health benefits” of food steaming in China. But hey, whatever, the Chinese name of “Sauna Pot” is properly poetic  and the place is popping. Someone go tell me how it is cause I haven’t been, and had to “steal” a Yelp photo. 5449 Rosemead Blvd

East Fusion

Monterey Park: East Fusion opened at the old crappy seafood Cantonese place inside that dingy plaza on the NE corner of Garvey and Garfield. I’m too lazy to even remember what the heck that dump is called (Garfield Lincoln Plaza) because literally everything in there has been crap for years, if not decades — though yes, sometimes you still go to Shau Mei for shaved ice, but only if you’re broke and want to die of diarrhea the next day — especially the Cantonese joints. And of course, East Fusion serves the most generic looking Cantonese food. (This is just from observing the window signage; I will never be caught dead here until Sixtus Baggio somehow gets to ever escape from Hong Kong and also decides to invite me to lnuch here.)  There’s the sign above the words just so you can avoid the food. 108 N Garfield

Wow, I forget how refreshing it can be to actually type rando op-eds (or as @G_sny would say: king trolling) on food trends you hate when you’re drunk on sake. I say sake because I’m no longer drinking bourbon because of .. Kentucky. and Tennessee. #stillwithher



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