So many openings, so little time.

If you’re still somehow reading tweets three weeks into Trump’s win, it’s probably pretty clear I’m nowhere near the SGV right now, and the listing below are cobbled together from November outings. But whatever, someone’s gotta do it.

Lanzhou Noodles China Tasty Monterey Park

Monterey Park: Lanzhou Ramen is heading South. But wait, you say, there is no Lanzhou Ramen restaurant in LA. And you’re correct, because China Tasty‘s Chinese name is Lanzhou Ramen. But Chinese ramen? Who wants to eat Chinese ramen, you say. Well, considering the Japanese co-opted this Chinese invention — “ra men” is “pulled noodles” in Chinese — everyone should be obsessed with Chinese la mian. In fact, downtown hipsters better get on this ASAP. This lovely noodle restaurant, originally on Valley Blvd, next to 101 Noodle Express, should be open by the time the post goes live. Not sure why JG would bother reviewing Canto breakfast and keep insisting 101 Noodle Express has good Chinese noodles when China Tasty (and Xi’an Tasty, AND Liang’s) have such superior noodle products. The previous restaurant was Three Travellers [sic], a “bone stock” hot potting outlet of a China chain that constantly reeked of sow. It was a bit of a surprise Three Travellers even made it 3 years, but let’s not forget SGV food hype phrase of 2016 is indeed: “China Chain”. 128 N Garfield

Bistro Na's Temple City Sign

Bistro Na's Interior

(photo credit: Ivy W.)

Temple City: Bistro Na’s has a pre-Christmas opening date. This place is going to be a big deal, with its multi-course “Imperial” feast, straight outta China. With the opening of both Bistro Na’s and Simmer Huang (below), Camellia Square is set to be the next war arena between Chinese and Korean cuisine. Kang Ho Dang Baekjeong continues to draw big crowds wherever it opens, but seriously people: stop eating that slop. Water downed egg mix is disgusting. Think of the cooped up chickens.

Simmer Huang, Temple City

Temple City: Camelia Square’s new restaurants have mostly opened up (Summer Roll, Kang Ho Dang, etc.), and the remaining one, at 2600-sqft, seems to be some kind of bone stock hot potting joint. Safe to assume Simmer Huang is Chinese-operated and owned, and it is severely delayed because this sign’s been up since…. before Summer Roll opened. Simmer Huang, just like Bistro Na‘s that’s about to open soon, is a massive Chinese empire with hundred-year old culinary foots “supposedly” rooted in the Beijing imperial court’s kitchen. With 500+ outlets within China, Australia and Canada, Simmer Huang is yet another symbol of the current invasion of Chinese food businsses in LA. Whether it succeeds it is a whole nother story though.  5728 Rosemead Blvd, suite 107

Tokyo Table Monterey Park

Alhambra: Tokyo Table’s opening party is Dec 1. This is by the same Japanese company that now owns Kaya. We love Kaya, we love the Japanese. We just aren’t sure what city of Alhambra is thinking putting so many “izakaya”-style restaurants on Main St. That said, there will be a food give-away, and a DJ, and sake, so Alhambra should be having a grand old time this Thursday. 100 E Main St.

Akagi ramen monterey park

Monterey Park: Akagi Ramen will take over the dead shaved snow place (RIP Fluff Ice)  in Atlantic Square, which allowed Snowy Village to open this month. This means one dead shaved snow place was replaced by another shaved snow place. That’s Monterey Park. Also of note, Akagi Ramen, before the interior is even finished, has multiple signs up for BOGO deals. As Trump would say: This is “really, really, NOT a smart” move. 500 N Atlantic Blvd #153



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