Teto Cafe

1) Monterey Park Teto Sweets is the most Hong Konger thing that has opened in West SGV since  Premiere Desserts (Montery Park) popped up earlier this decade. The way they spell/write latte in traditional Chinese is Traditional. The I610 W Garvey

labobatory, San Gabriel

2) San Gabriel: Big shout-out to Elton who opened his dream boba team shop. Labobatory soft opened two months (Jan 7) after the the Kickstarter campaign surpassed $60,000. You can see the crazy Pi Pa Gao tea on its IG here. 819 W Las Tunas

Mancora Alhambra

3) Alhambra: Mancora Peruvian is set to open shortly. It is currently hiring. The restaurant replaces a tiny, dead Cantonese seafood place, but incorporation info shows ethnic Chinese ownership. 240 W Main St

4) Walnut: Chuan Ma has reopened as  Chengdu Noodle House in BFE nowhere. I miss Chuan Ma and had to stop going as s/he moved further and further East. Do not expect the Chongqing Little Noodle craze that’s currently sweeping through SGV right now — see Best Noodle House below. This is not the sort-of alkaline noodles commonly found in Chongqing, and the signature house noodle remains the spicy beef noodle soup which is so ridiculously addicting. I’d rather have this than drink chicken bone broth down the street. 810 Nogales.

Ritter's Alhambra

5) Alhambra: Via reader’s tip (hi Cynthia!), Ritter’s Steam Kettle Cooking has announced a January opening on its website. I’ve been driving by almost every week and asking around for news for the last few months to no avail. Chef Michael Ritter is a fascinating guy, so maybe it’s time to actually check in with him again and get a story plus an update. 1/23/17 Update from insider: final inspection is coming soon, but it’s already 1/23, so it’ll probably not be January.   1800 W Valley

golden brown chicken

6) Alhambra: Golden Brown Chicken has opened, and I have the say the chicken(s) here are delicious. The Asiany fried chicken wings: ask for the buffalo chicken “extra spicy” and the Savoy-esque Hainam chicken are both bang on. The neighborhood has noticed the pan-Asian menu quick service menu and there’s regularly line out out the door after only 2 weeks. Sadly, they’re having difficulties with phone orders so one must be a bit patient. Outside of Savoy, no one near the 710/10 has a higher QPR Hainan chicken rice. Their Instagram is here. 2120 Fremont Ave

7) Alhambra: Aku Poke is landing across the 1000 Fremont complex, next to the insanely popular Starbucks. That’s all. Go eat your imported shrimp and salmon pumped full of pig manure.

ho kee

7) San Gabriel: Cantonese folks keep trying to open dai pai dong style cafes in SGV despite multitude of recent failures (see Grand Cafe, etc.). Ho Kee Cafe is the latest entry, and the menu seems to be a mixture of Tsam Seng and Delicious Food Corner. 533 S. Del Mar

Drink of choice, Old Fashion. Always. Well that or just shots… @monkeybarla

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9) Arcadia: EMC has opened across Monkey Bar at the Arcadia Mall. I’m mentioning this because Monkey Bar is also open, and one of these places does not have pre-shucked happy oysters oysters. One of these places also allows you to order Hainan chicken from Sidechick to go with their cocktails. 400 Baldwin

best noodle house Rosemead

10) Rosemead: Best Noodle opened last month, displacing the rather unfortunately “One Plus One” Cantonese cafe. This is a Chongqing-style “little noodle” shop, basically a copy of Mian, but less chic. To its credit, it does have a rendition of Chongqing’s most ubiquitous little noodle: the yellow bean “zha” sauce. Unfortunately, it’s also $8, basically 400% of an actual bowl in Chongqing. 9329 Valley Blvd.



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