So many restaurant openings so little time…

1) Ritter’s SKC, originally planned to open Dec 2015, opened last week and has been mobbed. That is all. 1800 W Valley Blvd

No 1 LA BBQ Monterey Park

2) I am LOVING No 1. LA BBQ, which apparently is NOT the same as NO 1 Charcoal BBQ (also in Monterey Park) and is open not opened by the team who owned No  1. Noodle House (below). They’re running a free beer special right now — I have no idea what the minimum is — and they’re doing lamb kidney which is freaking delicious.

No 1 LA BBQ Monterey Park

There are gribenes skewers, but it’s poached, then grilled, so it’s not just “crispy”, and there’s a crazy delicious fried stink tofu with sesame paste which pairs so so well with Budweiser (which is offered at buy-2-get-1 $10 pitcher). Expect a really rowdy atmosphere full of drunks of both sexes and all ages. 429 W Garvey Ave 

Round 3 Pho, Rowland Heights

Round 3 Pho, Rowland Heights

3) Round 3 Pho shop opened up in Feb in Rowland Heights, which is really far and so no one who reads English, or sees this on fb will ever visit, but man, this place, from the family (son & daughter?) of the Pho Ly family is blowing my damned mind:

Ga&bo tenderloin pho combo with all 3 Hainan chicken rice sauces??!?!? Who's the genius behind this? ~Month old pho ga shop from the fam of Pho Ly Thuong Kiet. #海南雞粉. #sgvlife

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Pho bowls here start at $10, and are massive. And it’s like the Vietnamese found the Chinese (through dating, or whatever) and merged 2 of the single best “one-dish” foods of the 2 culture: Hainan chicken rice, and pho made with American filet mignon. 1738 1/4 Nogales St

Earth Kitchen Alhambra

4) Alhambra: Earth Kitchen is in the middle of construction and should be opening shortly. These guys STOLE MY IDEA: build your own hot pot. 235 W Main St Unit B

No 1 Noodle House East LA

5) No 1 Noodle House has opened in… East Los Angeles of all places. What the hell? Did the Chinese student attendance increase that much at East LA College? Are the Chinese owners thinking the Mexicans looking fish tacos next door will mistakenly walk into a place that sells Xi’an shredded potatoes? Of note: stick to the knife shaven noodles here despite the “hand stretched” noodle sheets attractiveness.  5161 Pomona Blvd

phat birdz East LA

6) Speaking of East LA, a new artisanal fried chicken shack is coming to a wooden shack across King Taco. The new fried chicken is called “Phat Birds” but the original sign is still showing Kickazz Wings, which was suppose to open in 2015. Phat Birds has been hosting multi-course pop-ups through Feastly but the cost may be prohibitive high to some (at $35/pp+); per restaurant IG, opening should be coming shortly. 4701 E 3rd St

Spicy Charm San Gabriel

Closure sign:

Spicy Charm San Gabriel

7) San Gabriel: Spicy Charm opened early March and immediately closed March 16, probably due to health department violations. This literally marks the quickest opening and closing of an SGV restaurant in the last decade. The restaurant seems to be serving shareable Sichuan dry / hot pots ala H.O.T. Spicy Kitchen because, well, “Sichuan” “hot pot”. 529 E Valley Blvd 138-B

8) Monterey Park got a new churros truck parked in front of (North) Ralphs Supermarket, just south of Atlantic Square. The truck is named Ridges, and the focus is on topping churros. This truck seems OC food scene inspired; I have no idea what that means. h/t Wandering chopstick.

Chi Cali Monterey Park

9) Monterey Park: the local Best Western (just north of 60 freeway, close to the new massive Monterey Par Market) has a new Mexi-American sports bar. For those in the South of the city, this means no driving to Mr. and Mrs. Wings. Chi-Cali has a huge new banner announcing new happy hours as well. 434 Potrero Grande Dr

10) Alhambra: previously reported Baja Cali Tacos opened last week and the natives have gone ape for the fish tacos. 2001 W Valley Blvd



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