So many restaurants, so little time. Actually, I take that back. The last month and a half has been REALLY slow, IMNSHO.

Ground Up Coffee Montebello

Ground Up Coffee Montebello

Montebello: Ground Up Coffee has opened just south of J&S. They have a SHINY La Marzocco Linea that looks brand spanking new. Sadly, they’re starting their ‘spro program with LA Mill, which obvs I distain, but they’re also in a partnership with a neighborhood roaster who’s roasting their custom orders. These guys are both local, graduated from Schurr, one of the gents was apparently at posh hotel? Anywho, lovely lovely effort by folks from the SGV. Locals have bemoaned the lack of decent coffee — Ground Up has nitro cold brew on tap — since de Cafe baristas closed, so this shop fills a nice little niche. This place is open by 6AM and there’s parking in the rear! 871 N Garfield Ave.

Cafe Floret San Gabriel

San Gabriel: Cafe Floret has opened taken over Regent Coffee. This is a combo flower shop slash coffee shop. It’s even cuter than Regent Coffee, but do NOT expect them to open early for coffee if you’re an actual working stiff who lives nearby. 1841 S. San Gabriel

San Gabriel: Brother’s Chinese Food, unrelated to Brother’s BBQ in Ktown, has been intermittently parked in front of Good Fortune Supermarket. It’s a food truck/trailer with Chinese BBQ and some snacky Mainland inspired noodle bites. The trailer is run by 兄弟 ,  brothers, but not really brothers and they seem to stop serving pretty early in the evening. 137 S San Gabriel

Seafood Palace Monterey Park

Monterey Park: the beloved, burnt down New Seafood Village Seafood Palace is finally back online after a few months of remodeling work. Yay. That said, why bother eating MSG-drenched seafood at any of the Boston/LA/Newport/Maine/Saigon Seafood Cantonese shops when you can have this mf’er at Hip Hot Restaurant just up the street? 684 Garvey.

Bao Kitchen Monterey Park

San Gabriel and Monterey Park: SGV is getting more and more Chinese food trucks. Real Chinese food trucks, run by non-ABCs. Bao Kitchen failed, it was flipped to Formosa Taste, which used to park at Kembo’s space. Now that Kembo’s back, Formosa Taste has been flipped into Shaanxi food truck. Yes, LA has a friggin Shaanxi food truck, replete with liangpi, meat burger, and other snacks. 226 N Atlantic Blvd

Earth Kitchen Alhambra

Alhambra: Earth Kitchen, now open, and is pretty awesome. But people hate it, especially the ABCs who don’t know WTF is going on. Earth Kitchen is kinda also doing it to themselves by calling mao cai “hot pot”. The local Canto population gets “hot pot”, they don’t get “mao cai” because they ‘ve never been to Mainland China outside of Guangdong province. There’s no burning  fire ala Boiling Point and people get pissed off. I, for one, think it’s a great concept, except they really need to deepen the soup with stock, not just chicken bouillon powder. 235 W Main

Monterey Park: MPK Sushi has closed. ABC license is still active, and there’s no telltale sign of a restaurant sales yet. Very odd.  2000 S Atlantic Blvd.

Monterey Park: Tomo Sushi has closed.  It didn’t last a year. Sushi joint deaths isn’t a trend yet, but we’re just waiting for Taihei to bid adieu. In the mornings, there are still grandpas sitting outside the benches even though the donut shop has been gone for over a year. 2300 S Garfield

Monterey Park: Xinjiang BBQ has opened at that corner space in the same plaza as Dean Sin World. I do not even GAF enough to stop by for a photo cause the corner is completely curses. I mean, it’s another Chinese skewers place, which seems to have decent ingredients, but.. NO BEER. Just die already. 306 N Garfield.

Mad Chick El Monte

El Monte: There’s a chicken and rice “concept” inside a bakery. It’s called “Mad Chick“, and it’s all sorts of random. 11850 Valley



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