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Running Chicks Monterey Park

Monterey Park: Running Chick is open. Yelp reviews aren’t too keen, but the wings here are enjoyable, especially because they’re still offering free delivery over $15, all the way to 11 PM. This works really well for some people; usually the drunks.

San Gabriel: Ludingji Noodles has replaced the rather foul Lu Gi hot pot. The house made noodles here are reflecting the current uprating of noodle houses all over SGV. Look for $10 bowls of fen in various varietals. I’m skipping this one. This closure marks 2 non-Sichuan hot pot restaurant’s death in about as many months. Do not worry though, because more are coming. 539 W Valley Blvd

MF Noodles(photo pulled off Yelp)

Monterey Park: M F Noodles made a quick swicheroo and is now serving a Taiwanesey noodle and Japanesey (is this racist? Sorta?) curry katsu and ramen. This space, probably due to seriously crappy parking, has become rather unlucky after the death of Pearl’s. Godspeed to the fusiony menu that reminds me of Japanese occupation of Taiwan. Also, does MF stand for MotherFucking Noodles? Surely it must.

Northern Cuisine Cuisine San Gabriel

San Gabriel: Northern Chinese Cuisine, not to be confused with “Northern Chinese Restaurant” down the street, nor “Northern Cafe” in Monterey Park, nor “Northern Cusine” in Industry, has opened upstairs at Focus Plaza. It replaces Happy Tasty, one of the few Wuhan specific cuisines in all of SGV. The handful of Wuhan locals seem upset, but the new restaurant is serving up some rather well executed NE Chinese food. Thumbs up to the food, but not the usual garbage parking. 140 W Valley Blvd #209

Pho Ga District

Rosemade: Trung Nguyen is dead. You never ate there anyway, cause it was too hard to pronounce. Good thing the new replacement, “Pho Ga District” is about as white as a chicken noodle soup place gets without being Jewish. I haven’t been, but it’s probably only as good as Pho Ngoon 3119 N San Gabriel.

Clay POQ

(pics by dealmoon)

Rowland Heights: an interesting fusiony potting restaurant has opened. Clay Poq focuses on a dish that’s a cross between Boiling Pot and Tasty Dining — yes I did just link to a white guy reviewing Chinese food. 1745 Fullerton Rd

A mini bus serving Hot Star giant fried chicken patties on Atlantic. There's always been one or two food trucks along here in front of the Ralph's but now there are five of them, all run by Chinese immigrants. liang pi, rou jia mo, kim bap, spiral potatoes, skewers, etc

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Monterey Park / Downtown: LAT reporter Frank Shyong and I both noticed on the same day that Hot Star, the Taiwanese giant fried cicken cutlet chain, has gotten itself a school bus. Some days it’s parked along Kembo on Atlantic, just outside of Ralph’s. That said, there are also a fish taco truck, and a al pastor truck, neither operated by Chinese. Maybe they just weren’t there when Shyong visited.

Come and give yourself a taste oh heaven ???? #Hulunbeir ????55 w green st, Pasadena

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Pasadena: Old Town Pas is somehow attracting a very odd mix of Chinese restaurant. Hulun Beir, apparently a Mainland Chinese Mongolian-style hotpot chain, just opened. Its first outlet was in the Boston area, and instead of going anywhere with significantly Chinese population, it chose Old Town, and it chose to be on the same block as the well known Boiling Point. 55 W Green St

This is a shortened post, as there are still about a handful of other note-worthy openings/closures. Will hopefully post them up next week.



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