So many SGV restaurants, so little time …

Pho LTK, Monterey Park

Monterey Park: Pho LTK has re-opened its Monterey Park branch at the site of the still newish Pistachio Kitchen. After being completely wiped out by a fire last December, Pho Ly Thuong Kiet first opened up in San Gabriel, but eventually found itself way back to Monterey Park. The new digs are far nicer than the old Monterey Park location, and the menu seems rather similar. Currently, the beef pho is on sale at 15% off. (h/t Wandering Chopsticks580 E Garvey Ave

Ludingji Noodles Alhambra

San Gabriel: Ludingji Noodles, which definitely is NOT related to Ludjingji duck house of Beijing, has quietly taken over the Lu Gi (equally unrelated to LDJ) hot pots. The brand, which is supposedly representative of Yunnan province, actually has an HQ in Inner Mongolia. The noodle breed here are actually not called “mian” in Chinese, but ‘rice threads”. Do not expect girthy nor wide sheets of noodles here. Also do not cheap and quick sub-$10 noodles ala pho. These crockpots rice sticks are more multi-ingredient one pot meals. 539 W Valley

Noodle Street 108. Monterey Park

Monterey Park: Noodle Street 108 has opened at the GW / SF Plaza. No idea what style of noodles its serving as there was no menu yet. 421 N Atlantic Blvd #108

Bomb Chicken, Monterey Park

Monterey Park: Bomb Chicken has opened. This is the second Korean fried chicken joint to open in Monterey Park in a month, but it seems actually Korean owned. It takes over a sushi joint (Tomo Sushi) helmed by a chef who apparently lived all the way in Studio City. Previous to that it was a Thai-Chinese donut shop. In the mornings, there are STILL seniors who camp out at the tables despite the lack of coffee and donuts. 2300 S Garfield #A

Nothingness Huo La La San Gabriel

San Gabriel: Nothingness Restaurant, the English name of the “new” Huo La La, which has no financial ties with the “old” Huo La La (which is somehow still has shuttered) has opened at the location of the old Peking Restaurant. I’ve never been a fan of the cooking at the original Huo La La, which took over one of the Chung Kings that Mr. Gold loved so much a decade ago. 288 S San Gabriel

yummy bbq 2, monterey park

Monterey Park: Yummy BBQ 2 is the Chinese BBQ shop taking over the old Har Lam Kee noodle space. This is Yummy BBQ’s second branch, and yes, it’s a skewers shop. 169 W Garvey #A (one of the most auspicious addresses in all of Monterey Park).

Monterey Park: Papparich has closed. It’s easy to blame this on an overpriced build-out and an equally overpriced lease.

Hot Pen Jing, San Gabriel

Alhambra: China Pot King has been replaced by Hot Pen Jing. Yes it is another “Dual Flavor” Sichuan hot potting joint. 1558 N New Ave

San Gabrel: Phong Dinh, the Vietnamese exotic meats and baked catfish restaurant, is gone. It was doing great until it moved to the new location… Cest la vie. (h/t Wandering Chopsticks107 E Valley.



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