Every mofo out there armed with a P&S camera thinks he/she is qualified to spew the most worthless bits of garbage on what they ate for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Let me be the first to say: I am extremely under qualified. The last attempt on this bloggin’ shenanigans began in Dec ’05, when I was still solidly stuck in Chicago with the finer folks of LTHforum. Then I discovered Yelp. Then I moved. Then Yelp become a homewrecker(tm). During that Yelp stint, I became obsessed with F(irst) T(o) R(eviews) and grabbed 10 seconds of fame thanks to Mr. Jonathan Gold.

I hope to continue on, with wee bit of a flavor.

These days, I write about SGV grubbing on, sometimes flog words at Los Angeles Register, and still won’t eat burgers at Umami.

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And to those who ask “why”:

“Dismal food is bad,” he wrote. “Dismal food pretentiously served in a restaurant associated with the word ‘gourmet’ is BAD. Being alert to this distinction is a large part of the fun of being alive today, in a moment teeming with raucously overvalued emptiness and trash.”

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